About Me

I am an avid writer and reader of anything from fashion to my life. I enjoy sharing a part of my experiences or new-found knowledge to others so I decided to create a blog!

I am currently a college student exploring the field of psychology because I am fascinated by the reasoning behind why people do things, I mean, haven’t you ever wondered why someone who say or do something to you. Me too. I also love cooking and baking, hence me blogging about it. I am obsessed with fashion and beauty, so you most likely can find me online shopping or taking hours to get ready in the morning. I enjoy wine like it’s no one’s business, but am open to new drinks here and there. Most importantly, I love to write and have almost all of my life. It is a way of me to relax and write about something I enjoy or am upset about. It is actually pretty therapeutic.

This blog will be broken up into different part based on the mood I am in, sometimes it may come across as more of a diary or journal than a blog, but it’s really only for my enjoyment and maybe the enjoyment of others…anyways, happy reading!


Chic en Noir