Statement Pieces

Kelsey Statement piece[950]Statement pieces are either an item of clothing or jewelry that allow a person to express themselves. It as if signifying one part of the outfit to overshadow the rest of an otherwise average outfit. For some people, they hold a signature style that an individual has that otherwise makes the person who they are and stand out in a crowd. Personally, statement pieces make me more confident because they are things that I wouldn’t normally wear on a daily basis. Statement pieces are something that can either go really well or really bad depending on how you carry yourself or what kind of outfit you match it with. I find that a pop of color such as red can go really well with neutral tones, especially black. My personal favorite is wearing a sweater that is bit more out there such as the one to the right which is something that I always have been nervous to wear despite having it for almost a year. It can take a while to gain the confidence or find quite the right outfit to wear it with. Although despite my nerves, I wore it and couldn’t be happier with how confident it has made me feel and how many compliments I have gotten just by how different it is (in a good way of course!) In the end, it really doesn’t matter what statement you are trying make or what it is as long as you allude the confidence to everyone.



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