Shopping on a Budget

When it comes to clothing, price is one of my only major concerns. Shopping on a budget is an incredibly hard thing to do and at some points I have to choose between booties or a sweater. There are only so many occasions that you get money from others or have a birthday or celebrate Christmas. To me, I love to have as many options as possible so for that reason I try to find great deals or even as much clothing as possible without breaking the bank. My absolute favorite place to shop would be forever21 just due to the amount of clothing they have that is constantly updated with the most current trends. From risqué crop tops and party clothes to dresses from every occasions and even incredibly trendy high heels, forever21 has it all. Another place that I swear upon is Nordstrom Rack that has the top designers marked to affordable prices. I have even found some great finds on sale that look almost as if I had spent hundreds of dollars. One of the most recent stores I have discovered since college has been TJ Maxx. Some of my friends went to the local mall and I found so many different pieces for only a hundred dollars, which was amazing to see. Despite how expensive it may be to go shopping, there are stores that allow quality and quantity without costing an arm and a leg.


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