Shopping on a Budget

When it comes to clothing, price is one of my only major concerns. Shopping on a budget is an incredibly hard thing to do and at some points I have to choose between booties or a sweater. There are only so many occasions that you get money from others or have a birthday or celebrate Christmas. To me, I love to have as many options as possible so for that reason I try to find great deals or even as much clothing as possible without breaking the bank. My absolute favorite place to shop would be forever21 just due to the amount of clothing they have that is constantly updated with the most current trends. From risqué crop tops and party clothes to dresses from every occasions and even incredibly trendy high heels, forever21 has it all. Another place that I swear upon is Nordstrom Rack that has the top designers marked to affordable prices. I have even found some great finds on sale that look almost as if I had spent hundreds of dollars. One of the most recent stores I have discovered since college has been TJ Maxx. Some of my friends went to the local mall and I found so many different pieces for only a hundred dollars, which was amazing to see. Despite how expensive it may be to go shopping, there are stores that allow quality and quantity without costing an arm and a leg.

Statement Pieces

Kelsey Statement piece[950]Statement pieces are either an item of clothing or jewelry that allow a person to express themselves. It as if signifying one part of the outfit to overshadow the rest of an otherwise average outfit. For some people, they hold a signature style that an individual has that otherwise makes the person who they are and stand out in a crowd. Personally, statement pieces make me more confident because they are things that I wouldn’t normally wear on a daily basis. Statement pieces are something that can either go really well or really bad depending on how you carry yourself or what kind of outfit you match it with. I find that a pop of color such as red can go really well with neutral tones, especially black. My personal favorite is wearing a sweater that is bit more out there such as the one to the right which is something that I always have been nervous to wear despite having it for almost a year. It can take a while to gain the confidence or find quite the right outfit to wear it with. Although despite my nerves, I wore it and couldn’t be happier with how confident it has made me feel and how many compliments I have gotten just by how different it is (in a good way of course!) In the end, it really doesn’t matter what statement you are trying make or what it is as long as you allude the confidence to everyone.


How to Wear a Ponytail

Many people question how to wear a ponytail without looking like you have gross hair or you are about to go to the gym. I have found that certain outfits allow wearing a ponytail to be more fashion forward. Both allowing people to see your outfit or wearing your hair up rather than down which can be pretty common for women. The only thing that needs to be done if you are to wear your hair up (and want to look nice doing it) is to do your hair. You may curl it, straighten it or even braid it, but do not, DO NOT leave your hair natural if you, like me, have semi wavy hair. It never is a good luck and just screams, “I donKelsey Sweater[985]’t care what I look like”. I tend to put my hair on days after I either curled or straightened my hair but didn’t have enough time to shower. This way it looks as though I put in effort without actually putting it in. I find that the best outfits to wear my hair up with are when I am either wearing a halter top or high neck line such as a mock neck or turtleneck. This way I can show off these features that are the trademark of the outfit. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new ways to put your hair in a ponytail and figure out which outfits work the best!

Favorite Sephora Products

Urban Decay. Oh, how I absolutely love anything and everything that is labeled Urban Decay, hell even Sephora has a way into my heart. This being said, the products are very expensive and if you don’t have the money to invest in it then here are some products that I swear by. One of those being the naked pallets. Now I understand when people say 54 dollars for an eyeshadow pallet, BUT these are the best pallets for any kind of neutral tones. I especially enjoy the original naked one because of all the browns that they have. I also love the smoky pallet for when I go out and want a dramatic eye. Another product Iove is in the Sephora store, that being the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow definer and brow wiz that make any eyebrow perfect! Finally, using the all nighter setting spray by Urban Decay is amazing to end your look and let it last for hours. I highly recommend all of these looks for a flawless makeup look!

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